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Costa Rica Dream Makers Sport Fishing Experience.

Serious anglers (fishermen) come from around the world to throw their lines in off the back of a boat and troll around the Pacific waters in search of Marlin, Sailfish and good eats. Why? Why the obsession with such a seemingly boring sport, asks the novice?

The local folk will explain that geographically we are only 9 degrees above the equator. Storms from the north are magnetically turned back at the 10 degree mark which means that the waters are the calmest around. Okay that sounds “nice” and yes, as a novice I would likely enjoy 2 foot swells versus 6 foot swells, helps keep the lunch down!

So what else? Well, depending on the season, the waters off the coast of Jaco are teaming with a wide variety of fish life. Some of the fish that we pay a fortune for back home are more than happy to jump on the line and give you a good fight: Dorado, Tuna, Rooster Fish, Grouper… the list goes on! Pull them up and have the mate filet it so that you enjoy fresh sashimi on board. Yep, fresh sushi is great but… I still don’t see it, why the fuss?

Okay, so if being on the ocean, in the beautiful sunshine, with the music playing, lines in the water, cold beer in hand, slathered in sunscreen, eating freshly caught sashimi doesn’t get you excited then maybe the “ZZZZZIINNNGGGG” of a line running out, the instant organized chaos in the cockpit (back of boat) as teasers are quickly brought in, the captain is shouting crisp orders and as you look out the back of the boat you see a FIN… a really BIG fin. The Mate helps you put a “fishing belt” on and you feel the immediate pull from the other end as you take the rod.

Excitement and adrenaline are pumping now and you begin to work the rod, with the helpful advice from the mate. Suddenly the fish jumps, you see its whole torso and realize its HUGE!!! Big, beautiful and shimmering purple, captain yells that you’ve got a Sailfish on the line. Strong beyond belief, this beauty is not coming in without a fight. Just when you’ve got her beside the boat, she dives down and takes the line with her. Another 10 minutes getting her back in, your arm is throbbing, spectators are cheering you on as the sweat pours down your brow!

Finally, finally you feel victory as this incredible beauty is brought along the side of the boat and you see for the first time, how truly big she really is…175… 200… 350 lbs! The Mate reaches over and cuts the line and that big beautiful Sailfish, swims free… to be caught another day… to give a thrill to another novice or seasoned angler. With pictures in hand, you sip an icy cold beer, momentarily exhausted, reveling in the past 20 minutes of thrills and excitement!

"Aaaaaahhhhh" says the novice, "I understand it now". There’s really nothing like it.  Nothing like the excitement of reeling in a really BIG fish and you’ll have the picture to remind you of your day on the ocean off the Costa Rican coast, where you caught not only your first billfish, but the sports fishing “bug.” We’ve got great captains and crews that man everything from a 32 foot boat up to a 60 foot yacht.

Depending on the needs and wants of your party, we’ll match you up and set you on your way for a memory filled day at sea! For those who like to try their luck with the bottom feeders, let us know as there are a couple of boats that exclusively offer both bill and bottom fishing. It’s a sure way to fill up the ice box as well as the barbecue come dinner time! Full and half day fishing charters are available. Don’t miss this adventure!

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