Manuel Antonio National Park




As long as you’d like.

What to bring:

Comfortable clothing and shoes for walking, swim suit & towel, sunglasses, camera, drink & snack.


Varies depending on tour package..


Everyone loves this park as it gives you a (half) day of nature hiking as well as the opportunity to flop in a lounge chair afterwards and enjoy a little beach time with the monkeys! Get in your rental car and zip down the highway to Quepos, only 1 hour south of Jaco or have an experienced driver take you there. Quepos is the coastal town beside Manuel Antonio National park, one of the most visited parks in Costa Rica. There are a few cute stores right in the town but there are even more street vendors in Manuel Antonio so don’t spend all your colones too quickly!

In order to actually see the monkeys and the sloths and the other fascinating animals in this protected area, you should arrive around 8:00 a.m. Also, the park is closed on Mondays… we learned that one the hard way! Outside the gates you will find naturalist guides offering their services… take them up on it!!! You will learn and see 75% more wildlife using their professional equipment and hearing them speak, rather than wandering aimlessly, looking in all the wrong directions… once again we’ve learned this the hard way! Super educational day amongst a stunning back drop… trust us, the photos you take here may become your wall art back home!

A few tips for the park; there are no venders inside the park, therefore you may want to pack a picnic or at least some water! The monkeys are trained thieves and will snatch your sandwich if you’re not paying attention… so guard that lunch!

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